My Mind For The Future

I’ve been writing more, singing more, studying more and definitely praying more. This pandemic has stilled my heart in more ways than I can imagine.

It’s made me more conscious of who I lend my ears, time and attention to. I may listen to the news briefly every blue moon but they are not my source for insightful information. I rely on the spirit of God, the voice of wisdom, and trusted-seasoned voices who are the masters of their industries.

I’m learning to only control myself and the things in my power to change. Things I cannot change are best thrown into God’s care. I was talking to my mom a few weeks ago to get her wisdom on a situation. In short, my plight came down to, “do I do what’s best for me or do I do what’s best for them in this transaction?”

Mom asked, “did you sign a contract with them?” I replied, no ma’m. “Has there already been an exchange or transaction?” I said, no ma’am but I did tell the party I wanted to do move forward with them — even though it may not be what works best for me.

She said, “honey, do what’s best for you and tell them you changed your mind.” I was waiting on this long explanation to justify what she said but, there—was—silence. That was it. That was her answer. For those who know my mom, Ms. Pat is a straight shooter that can break it down in 10 words or less in a way that everybody can understand! 🙂 But I asked her to explain more for my benefit.

Mom goes on to say that every person has the right to change their mind. Even with your best intentions, things will not always go exactly as you planned. And you have to be okay with sometimes saying I changed my mind, to yourself and others.

It is possible to hold ourselves hostage to things that are not best for us or no longer serves us well. We can have a tendency to have such an allegiance and loyalty to others more than we do ourselves. Perhaps it stems from the need of approval, or the fear of how we look in others eyes.

This may be true for a needed career change or relationship change (circle of friends, business, spiritual alignments). I advocate integrity, loyalty and commitment however, I believe it’s a wonderful time to really examine and assess who and what we’re committed to and WHY. The “why” is probably the most important element of it all.

If you’re in a situation where growth cannot be tracked, traced, or measured — give yourself permission to say, I Changed My Mind, without guilt or maybe even explanation. Today, we embrace that things will never be what it used to be as we transition into a new world that we’ve not seen before. And that’s okay. We can make adjustments and be prepared to ride the current into the future that is already upon us, with a sound and alert mind (if we so choose).

May peace and prosperity be with you always.